Pressure Washing Services in Palmetto, FL

Pressure Washing Services in Palmetto, FL

Soft washing is the most efficient way to remove built-up mold and grime on the exterior surfaces of your property. Screaming Eagle Softwash provides extensive pressure washing services in Palmetto, FL. We also offer a variety of other house washing services, so that you can maintain the look and integrity of your property. Contact us to discuss your quote today!

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House Washing

Houses end up with an overgrowth of mold and organic material very quickly. There are always corners and hard-to-reach places that foster growing conditions that can quickly get out of control. Careful removal with our softwash pressure ensures you get a clean house exterior without damage.


Your roof is one of the most critical parts of your home. For a roof to maintain its purpose, it needs to be kept free of debris and any moisture retention and unwanted growth. Don't let the humidity of the region get ahead of you, contact us for a roof cleaning.

House Washing in Palmetto, FL

Clean Driveway


The build-up of organic growth can take a toll on your driveway.  When we're done, you'll feel like you're pulling in to a brand new driveway. Call our cleaning company now for a quote.


Sitting out on the patio isn't nearly as enjoyable when you're taking a sip of your coffee in the morning and looking at mold and mildew growth. Bring back the patio zen after washing and brightening surfaces.


If your fence is looking a bit drab, call us to apply a good old fashioned cleaning.

Pool Cages & Decks

When your pool cage or deck are showing more mold than they should, give us a call, and we'll have them looking like new. Make your pool party pleasant again with our washing services.

Lanai Cleaning

When your lanai is showing signs of organic growth and dirt build-up, it's not an inviting place to spend time. Contact us for a softwash that will encourage you to get back out there and enjoy your space.

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